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2013-10-14 20:35:44 by Xx-Shadowninja-xX

Not Dead but Changing one Character from Years back to Now is a Great Comparison
Enjoy ;)


ive got my picture for it Plz XroadkillX include it to your scene creator

Joining XroadkillXs scene creator

i got a pic from X-Roadkill-Xs New scene creator my new character is with 2 deagles

New Scene creator character which i gonna turn into a Banner


2009-10-10 15:35:44 by Xx-Shadowninja-xX

Its simple MC9 Sanford vs Possesed A.T.P Agent but the one problem is i cant make animations so basicly i suck i can only do Art on Paint and adobe and im dying to get more friends i only got 1 nightmare426